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Paget disease of the nipple

Sunday 29 November 2015

Paget’s disease of the nipple; Paget disease of the breast


- Paget disease of the breast. DCIS associated in the breast. Ddx: CIS/Bowen : K5/6+ ; Melanoma IS : MelanA


- Paget’s cells have pale, vacuolated cytoplasm and large nuclei and migrate through the epidermis from parabasal cell layers upward.
- highest concentration in the deep layers of epidermis.
- Hyperkeratosis of epidermis and chronic inflammation in the dermis are common.
- Paget’s cells permeate through the epidermis.


- About half of cases of Paget’s disease are positive for mucicarmin.
- Paget’s disease is positive for LMWCKs .
- Half of case of Paget’s disease are positive for GCDFP .
- Paget’s disease is positive for Her2 .
- Paget’s disease of the nipple is positive for LMWCK such as Cam5.2 and negative for HMWCK such as CK903 and CK5/6 . It is also positive for CK7

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