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mediastinal NUT-associated midline carcinoma

Friday 10 August 2012

NUT Midline Carcinoma Arising of the Mediastinum; mediastinal NUT midline carcinoma

Definition: NUT midline carcinomas (NMCs) comprise a group of highly aggressive tumors that have been reported primarily in the head, neck, and mediastinum of younger individuals.


- NUT carcinoma must always be considered when there is abrupt keratinization.

These tumors overexpress the nuclear protein in the testis (NUT), most commonly due to a chromosomal translocation that fuses the NUT gene on chromosome 15 with the BRD4 gene on chromosome 19.

The incidence of NMC within the mediastinum, particularly among undifferentiated tumors, is similar to that reported at other anatomic sites.

NMC should be considered in the differential diagnosis of any poorly differentiated epithelioid mediastinal tumor, regardless of age.

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