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prostatic microcystic adenocarcinoma

Thursday 8 December 2016

Definition : Microcystic adenocarcinoma is characterized by cystic dilatation and rounded expansion of glands of usual acinar adenocarcinoma, with a flat luminal lining layer.

It represents a form of atrophic and/or pseudohyperplastic variants. The incidence in adenocarcinomas in whole prostate glands is approximately 11%.

Microscopically, the mean glandular size of microcystic adenocarcinoma is 10-fold greater than that of usual small acinar adenocarcinoma. Intraluminal crystalloids and intraluminal blue mucin are seen in all cases.

By immunohistochemistry, there is complete basal cell loss, and almost all (96%) cases express AMACR.

The Gleason grade assignment should be 3.

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