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gliomatosis peritonei and endometriosis

Monday 13 February 2012

Gliomatosis peritonei (GP) describes the implantation of mature neuroglial tissue in the peritoneum and is usually associated with mature ovarian teratoma but is also found in cases of immature teratoma.


- recurrent mature ovarian teratoma
- gliomatosis peritonei (GP)
- endometriosis (with malignant transformation) (21293285)
- carcinoid tumor (21293285)
- primary endometrial adenocarcinoma (21293285)

Metaplasia of the totipotential subcoelomic or submesothelial stem cells is a recognized pathway for the development of endometriosis.

Evidence from molecular genetic studies suggests that a similar process of stem cell differentiation may explain at least some cases of gliomatosis peritonei.

The coexistence (and colocalization) of endometriosis, gliomatosis peritonei, and carcinoid tumor in a rare case raises the possibility that peritoneal stem cells may occasionally show an even wider spectrum of aberrant differentiation. (21293285)


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