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ovarian mucinous tumors of the intestinal type

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Primary ovarian mucinous carcinomas are uncommon and usually present as unilateral stage 1 neoplasms. The vast majority are of the so-called intestinal or enteric type and arise from a preexisting intestinal-type mucinous borderline neoplasm. The overall prognosis is good. However, a minor proportion recurs or metastasizes, and this is associated with a poor prognosis.

The vast majority of primary ovarian intestinal-type mucinous carcinomas and borderline tumors exhibit a variable degree of positivity with enteric markers and are CA125 negative.

There is found a 4.2% risk of malignant progression after a diagnosis of primary ovarian mucinous borderline tumor of the intestinal type. In light of this, the term "mucinous borderline tumor" is favored because of this small, but not insignificant, risk of malignant transformation, which in most cases is likely secondary to a focus of invasion being unsampled at the time of reporting the primary neoplasms.


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