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mucinous adenocarcinomas

Monday 12 September 2011

Digital case

- JRC:1597 : Cystic mucinous adenocarcinoma

Definition: Mucinous adenocarcinomas (MAs) of various origins may have a similar histologic appearance and frequently metastasize to distant sites.


- Homogenous CDX-2 and nuclear β-catenin expressions are commonly seen in lower GI tract MAs.
- Appendiceal MAs are usually heterogenously positive for CDX-2 and show cytoplasmic positivity for β-catenin.
- Unlike lower GI tract MAs, upper GI tract MAs are frequently positive for CK7 and MUC-6.
- As is the case in appendiceal MAs, the upper GI tract MAs may also be heterogenously positive for CDX-2.
- Breast MAs are positive for ER and WT-1, whereas gynecologic MAs are positive for PAX-8 and negative for WT-1.

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