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sarcoidosis-associated granulomatous synovitis

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Definition : Granulomatous synovitis is a type of synovial sarcoidosis and is rarely observed in sarcoidosis in child and the inherited disease Blau syndrome which is characterized clinically by granulomatous polyarthritis, uveitis and an exanthematous skin rash.

Blau syndrome is due to mutation in gene coding for capase recruitment domain-15.

Etiology (Examples)

- Blau syndrome
- sarcoidosis
- Hylan GF-20 intraarticular injection (15474399)

See also

- synovitis


- Granulomatous synovitis after intraarticular Hylan GF-20. A report of two cases. Michou L, Job-Deslandre C, de Pinieux G, Kahan A. Joint Bone Spine. 2004 Sep;71(5):438-40. PMID: 15474399