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complete androgen insentivity

Friday 8 October 2010

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- NCK1-71 : Androgen insentivity


In the complete androgene insentivity syndrome (CAI syndrome), there is no ambiguity, and the XY fetus is born with a female phenotype, with the diagnosis usually made at puberty during work-up for amenorrhea.

Testes may be found in the inguinal canal or abdomen. If testicular tissue is not seen at US, it should be sought with MR imaging or laparoscopy in view of the increased risk of malignancy.

Other imaging features of male pseudohermaphroditism include absence of the uterus and ovaries in the pelvis.

Isolated abnormal mullerian inhibiting factor (MIF) production in otherwise normal testes results in a male phenotype-genotype with müllerian structures, a condition known as persistent müllerian duct syndrome.