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vesical clear cell myomelanocytic tumor

Thursday 13 November 2003

Clear cell myomelanocytic tumors are considered to be a member of the family of perivascular epithelioid cell tumor. These tumors have a predilection for falciform ligament/ligamentum teres.


- clear to eosinophilic, epithelioid, and spindled cells arranged in fascicles or packets
- delicate vascular stroma was found among the nests


- HMB-45+
- smooth muscle actin+
- S-100-
- Melan-A-
- desmin-
- pan-cytokeratin-


- Pan CC, Yu IT, Yang AH, Chiang H. Clear cell myomelanocytic tumor of the urinary bladder. Am J Surg Pathol. 2003 May;27(5):689-92.
PMID: 12717254