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Monday 23 August 2010

Hypodontia is described as the congenital absence of one or more teeth.


There appears to be a multifactorial aetiology to hypodontia, with both genetic and environmental factors playing important roles.The pathogenesis of hypodontia cannot be explained by genetic factors alone since monozygotic twins show discordant expression at a certain frequency with respect to hypodontia .

Hypodontia is thought to involve environmental factors, including infection, e.g. rubella , drugs, such as thalidomide and irradiation as well as the developmental relationships between the nerves, maxilla, mandible, oral mucosa, supporting tissues, and hard tissues.

Developmental anomalies, endocrine disturbances, and local factors, including pathology, facial trauma, and medical treatment, have been also linked to hypodontia

Although hypodontia may cause masticatory and speech dysfunctions in addition to aesthetic problems, the relationships with environmental factors remain unclear.