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Wednesday 4 June 2003

North American Indian childhood cirrhosis (CIRH1A or NAIC) is a severe autosomal recessive intrahepatic cholestasis described in Ojibway-Cree children from northwestern Quebec. It typically presents with transient neonatal jaundice, in a child who is otherwise healthy, and progresses to biliary cirrhosis and portal hypertension. NAIC is a distinct entity that could be classified as "progressive familial cholangiopathy."


- neonatal cholestatic jaundice (70%)
- hepatosplenomegaly (20%)
- portal hypertension (91%)

  • variceal bleeding (50%)

- early bile duct proliferation
- portal fibrosis
- biliary cirrhosis

Differential diagnosis

- infectious cirrhosis
- metabolic cirrhosis
- toxic cirrhosis
- autoimmune cirrhosis
- obstructive cirrhosis
- biliary tract atresia


- mutation in the cirhin gene (C1RH1A) (MIM.607456)at 16q22 (12417987)

See also

- familial cholestases
- progressive familial cholangiopathy


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