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45,X0/46,XY mosaicism

Monday 19 April 2010

Digital cases

- Case 76 : Mosaicism 46,XY/45,X0
- Case 114 : Mosaicism 46,XY/45,X0 - Mixed gonadal dysgenesis

Definition : The 45,X/46,XY mosaic karyotype is expressed by a spectrum of genital phenotypes, ranging from normal males through to ambiguous genitalia (mixed gonadal dysgenesis) and to normal females.


- mostly male phenotype

  • possible normal male phenotype (20708529)
  • hypospadias
  • undescended testis

- mixed gonadal dysgenesis (asymetrical disorders of sexual differentiation or asymetrical DSD)

  • unilateral streak gonad
  • unilateral streak gonad and controlateral testis (19159702)
  • undescended ’nonfunctional’ streak gonad

- mostly female phenotype

  • normal female
  • female with mild clitoral hypertrophy

- horseshoe kidney (18648333)

- cardiovascular anomalies

  • biscupid aortic valve (21130980)
  • ascending aorta aneurysm (21130980)
  • isolated left ventricular hypertrabeculation (LVHT) (or isolated left ventricular noncompaction) (19317306)
    • Left ventricular hypertrabeculation (LVHT), also known as noncompaction, has been previously reported in a female patient with Turner syndrome (TS) with X0-karyotype
    • LVHT can be associated with severe cardiomyopathy resulting in rhythm abnormalities and heart failure.

SRY status

The potential involvement of SRY in abnormal gonadal development in 45,X/46,X,der(Y) patients was proposed following the identification of SRY mutations in a few patients with Turner syndrome (TS). Mutations in SRY are rare findings in patients with Y chromosome mosaicisms. Therefore, a significant role of mutated SRY in the etiology of gonadal dysgenesis in patients harboring 45,X/46,XY karyotype and variants seems very unlikely. (20699606).

See also

- disorders of sexual differentiation (DSDs)

  • mixed gonadal dysgenesis (MGD) (asymetrical DSD)


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