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Wednesday 10 February 2010

The CARTaGENE project is a large prospective population-based biobank for Quebec, Canada.

The CARTaGENE project is headed by Professor Bartha Knoppers (Université de Montréal), under the scientific direction of Dr. Claude Laberge and Dr. Philip Awadella. Dr Daniel Gaudet is the scientific director of the CARTaGENE biobank. CARTaGENE also benefits from the expertise of an international scientific advisory board.

CARTaGENE is a founding member of the Public Population Project in Genomics (P3G).

Entirely publicly funded, CARTaGENE will be an infrastructure for population genomics research. This resource could therefore contribute to the development of better diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention programs.

CARTaGENE seeks to create a resource for the advancement of genetic research, with the aim of improving the health of Quebecers. This public resource will operate under a governance framework and will consist of a databank and a biobank. The database will contain environmental, demographic and health data. The biobank will contain DNA, blood and urine samples.

Access to CARTaGENE will be granted to researchers who are seeking to better understand how genes interact with other genes, with the environment and with lifestyle factors.