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epithelioid angiosarcoma

Thursday 2 September 2010

Digital slides

- JRC:2967 : Duodenal epithelioid angiosarcoma

Case records



- cutaneous epithelioid angiosarcoma
- vesical epithelioid angiosarcoma


Epithelioid angiosarcoma may have a broad morphological spectrum, raising interpretive challenges on microscopy.

- packed polygonal cells with focal evidence of endothelial differentiation
- +/- syncytial growth of large cells with clear nuclei and prominent nucleoli,
- +/- discohesive plasmacytoid polygonal cells with abundant bright eosinophilic cytoplasm
- +/- sheets of clear cells with coarse granular cytoplasm
- trabecular and cord arrangement of tumor cells
- +/- pseudoglandular appearance owing to clear cell tubular arrangement with open lumina

Differential diagnosis

- lymphoma
- melanoma
- lymphoepithelioma-like carcinoma
- adnexal carcinoma
- neuroendocrine carcinoma


- positivity for CD31 and CD34;
- no immunoreactivity for other antigens including cytokeratins, S100 protein, melanocytic antigens, leukocyte common antigen, and desmin.


- local excision
- chemotherapy
- radiotherapy


- epithelioid angiosarcoma arising in a deep-seated plexiform schwannoma (17574948)

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- angiosarcomas


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