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MIM.608280 1q23.3

Monday 19 May 2008


- GAS5/BCL6 fusion gene in B-cell lymphoma by t(1;3)(q25;q27) (18406879).

The GAS5 (growth arrest-specific transcript 5) gene can be a partner of BCL6 in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, harboring the t(1;3)(q25;q27). The GAS5 gene on chromosome 1q25 is the second BCL6 partner, to the SNHG5 on 6q15, which is classified as a non-protein-coding multiple snoRNA host and 5’-TOP class gene. (18406879)


The BCL6 gene is frequently disrupted at its 5’ noncoding region by 3q27 chromosomal translocations in B-cell lymphoma. As a result of translocation, BCL6 is juxtaposed to reciprocal partners, such as the immunoglobulin (Ig) gene family. Besides the Ig loci, multiple non-Ig partners of the BCL6 translocation have been reported.


- Nakamura Y, Takahashi N, Kakegawa E, Yoshida K, Ito Y, Kayano H, Niitsu N, Jinnai I, Bessho M. The GAS5 (growth arrest-specific transcript 5) gene fuses to BCL6 as a result of t(1;3)(q25;q27) in a patient with B-cell lymphoma. Cancer Genet Cytogenet. 2008 Apr 15;182(2):144-9. PMID: 18406879