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Rosetta Genomics

Friday 14 December 2007


Rosetta Genomics is a Israel-based microRNA genomics company. Rosetta Genomics is the first commercial entity to focus on the emerging field of microRNA. The company is a leader in medical research and product development based on microRNA.

Using their own proprietary bioinformatic technologies, researchers at Rosetta Genomics have identified the majority of human microRNA.

From this unparalleled intellectual property platform, Rosetta is actively advancing multiple internal programs in microRNA diagnostic and therapeutic product development.

They are also establishing licensing agreements and collaborative relationships with leading companies and research institutions working to develop microRNA-based products.


- [December 13, 2007] Rosetta Genomics will collaborate with Columbia University to develop microRNA-based diagnostic tests for early detection and prognosis of certain types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia. Rosetta Genomics and Columbia researchers will screen for microRNAs that could serve as biomarkers and drug targets for diffuse large cell lymphoma, transformed follicular lymphoma, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. (genomeWeb)