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ectrodactyly and cardiac malformations

Wednesday 28 November 2007


- isolated (7939823)

- associated

  • association ectrodactyly, retrognathism, abnormal ears, highly arched palate, spina bifida, congenital heart defect, single umbilical artery (1746602)
  • autosomal recessive association of cleft palate, cardiac defect, genital anomalies, and ectrodactyly (CCGE) (7897634)
  • associtaion ectrodactyly, diaphragmatic hernia, congenital heart defect and agenesis of the corpus callosum (7551162)
  • tibial agenesis-ectrodactyly syndrome with cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary malformations (17159515)


- Ram SP, Noor AR, Ariffin WA, Ariffin NA.A neonate with ectodermal dysplasia ectrodactyly clefting syndrome and ventricular septal defect.Singapore Med J. 1994 Apr;35(2):205-7. PMID: 7939823