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nephrogenic adenoma

Friday 28 September 2007, by JA

Definition: Nephrogenic adenoma (NA) is a rare benign lesion of the urinary tract. Although its histogenesis is still debated, several reports suggest that the lesion has a renal tubular cell origin or differentiation.

Nephrogenic adenoma is a benign lesion that may occur at any site of the genitourinary tract, usually in association with previous urothelial injuries.

Although its pathogenesis is still debated, recent studies seem to confirm its derivation from renal tubular epithelium, rather than from a metaplastic process of urothelium.


- Left ureteral orifice of bladder biopsy; Pax-8+, uroplakin neg: Nephrogenic adenoma

- Incidental nephrogenic adenoma in interstitial cystitis

- papillary nephrogenic adenoma : cuboidal lining, hyaline rimmed tubules

- nephrogenic adenoma of the urinary bladder Pax2+, p53-, PSA-, p63-, panCK-

- Nephrogenic Adenoma: Single layer of cuboidal epithelium. Reactive condition. Potential pitfall

- Nephrogenic adenoma and intestinal metaplasia. Patient with neurogenic bladder

- Nephrogenic adenoma.: 35 y/o male. Polypoid mass at bladder neck.

- Nephrogenic adenoma - flat and focal tubular

- Incidental nephrogenic adenoma in routine TURP

- IHC table

- nephrogenic adenoma in a bladder diverticulum.

- nephrogenic adenoma

Differential diagnosis

Nephrogenic adenomas demonstrate a variety of morphologic patterns that may occasionally be confused with malignant processes, including urothelial and prostatic carcinoma.

- List


- fibromyxoid nephrogenic adenoma

  • admixture of the classic tubular form of nephrogenic adenoma with spindled cells and fibromyxoid tissue
  • compressed spindled cells
  • fibromyxoid background
  • rare tubular and cordlike structures


- S-100A1 is a reliable marker in distinguishing nephrogenic adenoma from prostatic adenocarcinoma. (19384190)

  • S100A1 is a specific and sensitive immunohistochemical marker to differentiate nephrogenic adenoma from prostatic adenocarcinoma. (19384190)
  • AMACR immunostaining does not seem to be a useful marker in distinguishing between these 2 lesions. (19384190)

- CK7
- PAX2
- MUC1 r

- NA has the differentiation of distal renal tubules.
- AMACR can be used as a reliable marker for distinguishing NA from prostate cancer.

Differential diagnosis

In addition to its uncertain origin, there can be diagnostic difficulty in distinguishing nephrogenic adenoma from prostatic adenocarcinoma, particularly with lesions arising in the prostatic urethra. (19384190)

As NA can be difficult to distinguish from malignant conditions such as prostate cancer, there is a need for reliable markers. Unfortunately, it has been reported that NA cells also stained positive for the prostate cancer marker alpha-methylacyl-coenzyme A racemase (AMACR).

AMACR can be used as a reliable marker for distinguishing NA from prostate cancer.

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