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multiple intestinal atresias syndrome

MIM.243150 ORPHA2300 ICD-10:Q43.8

Sunday 5 August 2007

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- Case 42 : Multiple intestinal atresia syndrome

Definition: Intestinal atresias are a common cause of newborn bowel obstruction.

Hereditary multiple intestinal atresias, first reported by Guttman et al in 1973, is the rarest form of multiple atresias.

It has been proposed to be autosomal recessive, to involve atresias in a variable combination of sites from stomach to rectum, and to be universally fatal.

Patients have significant intestinal dysfunction and unrelenting sepsis stemming from a poorly defined, severe immunologic defect.


- pyloric atresia
- multiple small bowel and colonic atresias
- severe immune dysfunction
- multiple bouts of sepsis

The immune defect may not be primary, but in fact be secondary to intestinal dysfunction.


- imperforate anus (2202215)
- intraluminal calcifications(1250662)
- cystic dilatation of bile ducts (1250662)
- biliary abnormalities (1891262)
- severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome (2240032)

Etiology: Unknown


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