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15q gain

Thursday 19 July 2007

Target genes

- IGFR1 overexpression


- Natrajan R, Little SE, Sodha N, Reis-Filho JS, Mackay A, Fenwick K, Ashworth A, Perlman EJ, Dome JS, Grundy PE, Pritchard-Jones K, Jones C. Analysis by array CGH of genomic changes associated with the progression or relapse of Wilms’ tumour.
J Pathol. 2007 Jan;211(1):52-9. PMID: 17103382

- Natrajan R, Reis-Filho JS, Little SE, Messahel B, Brundler MA, Dome JS, Grundy PE, Vujanic GM, Pritchard-Jones K, Jones C. Blastemal expression of type I insulin-like growth factor receptor in Wilms’ tumors is driven by increased copy number and correlates with relapse. Cancer Res. 2006 Dec 1;66(23):11148-55. PMID: 17145858