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Friday 18 May 2007


- compound tumor composed of smooth muscle cells, adipose tissue, and areas of cartilaginous differentiation

Localization (Examples)

- soft tissues
- kidneys (renal mesenchymoma) (15134997)


- t(8;10)(q21;q24) (15134997)
- t(12;15) (q13;q26) at HMGA2 locus at 12q13 (12021922)

See also

- benign mesenchymal tumors


- Joniau S, Goeman L, Kreuzbauer S, Bogaert G, Dal Cin P, Oyen R, Sciot R, van Poppel H. Benign renal mesenchymoma in the pediatric age group: a novel pathologic and karyotype entity. Urology. 2004 May;63(5):981-4. PMID: 15134997

- Van Dorpe J, Dal Cin P, Weremowicz S, Van Leuven F, de Wever I, Van den Berghe H, Fletcher CD, Sciot R. Translocation of the HMGI-C ( HMGA2) gene in a benign mesenchymoma (chondrolipoangioma). Virchows Arch. 2002 May;440(5):485-90. PMID: 12021922