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pulmonary chondroid hamartoma

Wednesday 16 May 2007

Digital cases

- JRC:6371 : Lung hamartomatosis.
- JRC:6360: Pulmonary chondroid hamartoma.
- JRC:6362: Pulmonary chondroid hamartoma.


- cartilage
- reactive alveolar epithelium

  • hyperplastic type II cells


- trachea (15191028)


- salivary gland-type tumor (myoepithelioma) in PCH (16538059)

Differential diagnosis

- giant cystic chondroid hamartoma (GCCH) (15953880)


- 12q14 (HMGA2) rearrangements (44.7%) (14621194)

- 6p21 (HMGA1) rearrangements (21.3%) (14621194)

- 10q24 rearrangements (12699895)

- associated tetrasomy 8 (10469450)

Molecular biology

- LPP-HMGA2 fusion transcript by t(3;12)(q27-q28;q14-q15) (16271958, 12505264, 11890997, 11066083)

  • LPP at 3q28 (MIM.600700)
  • HMGA2 (HMGI-C) at 12q14 (MIM.600698)

- RAD51L1 by a t(6;14)(p21.3;q24) (11978964)

  • HMGA1 (HMGI-Y) at 6p21 (MIM.600701)
  • RAD51L1 at 14q24 (MIM.602948)

Differential diagnosis

- malignant chondroid syringoma (9196529)
- giant cystic chondroid hamartoma (GCCH) (15953880)

See also

- pulmonary hamartomas
- pulmonary tumors


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