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MIM.610091 17q11.1

Tuesday 1 May 2007


- Gain of chromosome 17 is the most prevalent genetic abnormality identified in neuroblastoma (NB). Distal 17q gain has prognostic significance in NB.

- WSB1 was frequently gained in 4S- tumors and not changed in 4- tumors, showed strong correlations between expression level and copy number. (16804916)

- The increase of WSB1 gene expression is associated with good outcome in patients with NB of all stages. (16804916)

- WSB1 enhances the prognostic prediction when combined with other current prognostic factors in NB. (16804916)

- WSB1 copy number correlates with its expression level and that its high expression associates with good prognosis suggesting a possible role of this gene in the biology of favorable outcome NB. (16804916)


- Chen QR, Bilke S, Wei JS, Greer BT, Steinberg SM, Westermann F, Schwab M, Khan J. Increased WSB1 copy number correlates with its over-expression which associates with increased survival in neuroblastoma. Genes Chromosomes Cancer. 2006 Sep;45(9):856-62. PMID: 16804916