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levoatriocardinal vein

Thursday 22 March 2007

The anomalous pulmonary-to-systemic collateral vein (levoatriocardinal vein) connects the left atrium or one of the pulmonary veins to a systemic vein.


- intact atrial septum
- absent left atrioventricular connection (mitral atresia)
- The anomalous vein is the escape channel for pulmonary venous return.
- A muscular membrane can divide the left atrium, separating the pulmonary venous component from the distal component.
- The pulmonary veins inserted normally into the left atrium. (#8108295#)

Differential diagnosis

The collateral vein may be mistaken for the vertical vein that is associated with totally anomalous pulmonary venous connections.


- Pinto CA, Ho SY, Redington A, Shinebourne EA, Anderson RH. Morphological features of the levoatriocardinal (or pulmonary-to-systemic collateral) vein. Pediatr Pathol. 1993 Nov-Dec;13(6):751-61. PMID: #8108295#