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levoatriocardinal vein

Thursday 22 March 2007

The anomalous pulmonary-to-systemic collateral vein (levoatriocardinal vein) connects the left atrium or one of the pulmonary veins to a systemic vein.


- intact atrial septum
- absent left atrioventricular connection (mitral atresia)
- The anomalous vein is the escape channel for pulmonary venous return.
- A muscular membrane can divide the left atrium, separating the pulmonary venous component from the distal component.
- The pulmonary veins inserted normally into the left atrium. (8108295)

Differential diagnosis

The collateral vein may be mistaken for the vertical vein that is associated with totally anomalous pulmonary venous connections.


- Pinto CA, Ho SY, Redington A, Shinebourne EA, Anderson RH. Morphological features of the levoatriocardinal (or pulmonary-to-systemic collateral) vein. Pediatr Pathol. 1993 Nov-Dec;13(6):751-61. PMID: 8108295