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non-syndromic BNOMRD

Wednesday 21 March 2007

Definition: non-syndromic bilateral non-obstructive multicystic renal dysplasia (MRD).


- sporadic non-syndromic cystic renal dysplasia
- familial non-syndromic cystic renal dysplasia


- renal anomalies

  • numerous variable size renal cysts
  • renal cysts lined by columnar or cuboidal epithelium
  • connective tissue without foci of cartilage
  • immature conjonctive tissue
  • few glomeruli and some nephrogenic tissue scattered among various sized cysts

- oligohydramnios sequence (OHAS) (Potter sequence)


- partial trisomy resulting from parental unbalanced translocation


- situs inversus totalis (10746410)
- ductal plate malformation (DPM) (congenital hepatic fibrosis) (11155779)

See also

- renal dysplasias

  • bilateral non-obstructive renal dysplasia
    • non-syndromic bilateral non-obstructive renal dysplasia

- renal developmental anomalies

  • renal malformations


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