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Thursday 15 March 2007


- ser120-to-gly substitution in the NM23 gene in 6 of 28 advanced neuroblastomas but in none of 22 limited-stage neuroblastomas (8047138)

- Reduced expression of NM23 is associated with a high potential for metastasis in some tumor types. Its expression is increased in aggressive neuroblastoma (MIM.256700).


- Chang, C. L.; Zhu, X.; Thoraval, D. H.; Ungar, D.; Rawwas, J.; Hora, N.; Strahler, J. R.; Hanash, S. M.; Radany, E. : nm23-H1 mutation in neuroblastoma. (Letter) Nature 370: 335-336, 1994. PubMed ID : 8047138