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renal hypodysplasia

Friday 9 February 2007

Definition: Renal hypodysplasia (RHD) is characterized by reduced kidney size and maldevelopment of the renal tissue following abnormal organogenesis.

Renal hypodyspasia associates bilateral non-obstructive renal dysplasia (BNORD) and bilateral non-obstructive renal hypoplasia(BNORH).

Renal hypodysplasia is characterized by a decrease in nephron number, a small overall kidney size, and a maldeveloped renal tissue.


- non-syndromal renal hypodysplasia (HP.10934) (MIM.610805)
- syndromal renal hypodysplasia

Candidate genes

- Mutations or variants in candidate genes TCF2, PAX2, EYA1, SIX1, SALL1 in 17% (16971658)

- Mutations in Uroplakin IIIA (16731295)

Case records

- Case #11184


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