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MIM.607072 3p21.3

Wednesday 31 January 2007

NPRL2 is one of the novel candidate tumor suppressor genes identified in the human chromosome 3p21.3 region. The NPRL2 has shown potent tumor suppression activity in vitro and in vivo and has been suggested to be involved in DNA mismatch repair, cell cycle checkpoint signaling, and regulation of the apoptotic pathway.


- non-small-cell lung cancer (17018626)

  • squamous cell bronchial carcinoma


- Ueda K, Kawashima H, Ohtani S, Deng WG, Ravoori M, Bankson J, Gao B, Girard L, Minna JD, Roth JA, Kundra V, Ji L. The 3p21.3 Tumor Suppressor NPRL2 Plays an Important Role in Cisplatin-Induced Resistance in Human Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cells. Cancer Res. 2006 Oct 1;66(19):9682-90. PMID: 17018626

- Lerman, M. I.; Minna, J. D. :The 630-kb lung cancer homozygous deletion region on human chromosome 3p21.3: identification and evaluation of the resident candidate tumor suppressor genes. Cancer Res. 60: 6116-6133, 2000. PubMed ID : 11085536