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renal-pancreatic dysplasia

Thursday 18 January 2007

Definition: Malformative condition associating a pancreatic dysplasia with a renal dysplasia.


- pancreatic dysplasia
- renal dysplasia.


- situs inversus totalis with cystic dysplasia of the kidney and pancreas (SITCDKP) (MIM.208540) (HP.5858)


- situs inversus totalis in SITCDKP (MIM.208540) (HP.5858)
- chondrodysplasia in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- cleft epiglottis in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- cleft larynx in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- hexadactyly of hands and feet in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- pancreatic cystic dysplasia in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- renal dysplasia in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- renal agenesis in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- micropenis in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- ambiguous genitalia in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)
- imperforate anus in Fraser-Jequier-Chen syndrome (2596528)


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